How to Get Adidas Student Discount

How to get an Adidas student discount: The Adidas student discount has been around for now.

It’s a perfect go-to means for college and university students to get new Adidas products and accessories.

Of course, we all want to stay on the latest trends and look as best as possible.

However, often, our pockets may say otherwise.

With the Adidas student discounts, you can get up to 35% off your orders while shopping online.

You can save a lot by applying the student discount code to your orders.

Through this discount, college and university students can buy more for even less.

This post will examine all you have to do to get onto the Adidas student discount program.

We’ll review the discount, your eligibility, and how to get it. 

It’s an easy read, so hang in there!

About Adidas

Adidas is a German multinational company that designs and manufactures shoes, clothes, and accessories. 

The company was founded in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. 

Adidas is Europe’s largest sportswear producer and the world’s second-largest after Nike. 

Furthermore, it is the parent company of the Adidas Group.

Adidas also has investments in various sectors.

One of these includes an 8.33 percent investment in Bayern München football club.

It also has investments in Runtastic, an Austrian fitness technology business. 

Sport is at the heart of everything, Adidas. 

Keeping this focus through the years has led the company to an international reputation.

Adidas reported €21.915 billion in revenue in 2018.

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What is the Adidas Student Discount? 

The Adidas student discount is available to students at accredited colleges or universities.

All you need is to verify your student status on UniDays; then, you can get access to the discount codes.

Adidas student discounts are available in the US, UK, Ireland, and Canada.

Adidas offers various discounts, ranging from 25% off normal prices to a whopping 35%.

The student discount is particularly substantial and stands out on the internet.

Generally, it is one of the highest online at 35%.

When shopping, you apply your discount code before making a payment.

Once you do, you get an incredible price slash.

Who is Eligible for the Adidas Student Discount?

The Adidas student discounts are open to anyone who is a currently enrolled student.

Whether you attend a college, university, or trade school.

If you meet this criterion, you should open an account with UniDays.

This enables you to get the Adidas student discount codes after being verified.

Opening an account on UniDays is to verify your identity as a student and confirm your eligibility.

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How can I get the Adidas Student Discount?

Adidas has many discounts for students; you can participate in any or all of them once you get validated.

Typically, the only validation you require is registering on UniDays and uploading the necessary documents.

So to take advantage of this deal, you must first register with UNiDAYS. 

By submitting an actual university email, you can confirm your student status. 

Once validated, you’ll get a unique 15% off student coupon code from Adidas.

Other Adidas students’ discounts on UniDays are 20% and up to 35% offers.

How to apply for the Adidas Student Discount

Follow the following steps and get discounted to apply for the student discount.

How to get an Adidas student discount with your UNiDAYS account

  • Click HERE to visit the Adidas student discount page
  •  Sign in to your UNiDAYS account through the page
  •  In your account, generate your unique student discount code
  •  Copy the discount code 
  •  Go back to the Adidas page or use the app and select any item you want to buy
  •  When you’re done, go to your cart to checkout.
  •  Before making payment, paste the code at the checkout on the Adidas website or app
  •  Enjoy your savings from the discount

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Besides the Adidas Student Discount, are there other Discounts?

Teachers, Military, and Medical Workers

Yes, Adidas not only offers student discounts but also discounts to other professionals too.

All verified medical professionals and first responders can also get Adidas discounts.

Generally, nurses, military personnel, and teachers also enjoy an exclusive discount of 30%.

The 30% discount is available online, while in-store and factory outlets offer 20%. 

General Discounts

Occasionally Adidas releases available voucher codes that anybody can use. 

In this case, you won’t have to authenticate your university, school, or college status. 

Typically, these codes are used during their validity periods and have expiration dates.

Also, they are usually gotten on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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AdiClub Discounts 

Once you join the Adidas AdiClub, you get a 15% discount on all your purchase orders. Discounts and Coupons for Adidas Members

You can join the Adidas Club for free with your email address and receive a 15% off coupon and member-only deals. 

Also, with each online purchase, you can earn points. 

Collecting points can reward you with unique access to limited lines and offers. 

With your Creator Pass, you can download and earn points.

The Adidas Creators Club is a substantial reward program for loyal Adidas customers.

On the membership, regular consumers can earn incentives for simply making purchases.

It also opens you up to many other perks, including:

  • Creators Club exclusives
  •  Early access to sales
  •  Birthday bonuses and gifts
  •  Free 12-month Adidas Runtastic premium membership
  •  Early access to new product releases
  •  Free personalization
  •  Priority customer service
  •  Invitations to special events
  •  Special bonuses

The Creators Club has four different membership levels; you must earn points to progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Adidas give Student Discounts?

Yes, Adidas regularly offers student discounts to eligible college or university students.

The Adidas student discounts can be used online while shopping and applied as a discount coupon.

What is the Adidas student discount?

The Adidas student discount program is dedicated to reducing the cost of Adidas products for students.

With the student discounts for Adidas accessories, you can get up to 35% off your orders.
The student discount code is available for all full-priced items, including trainers and predators.
Other idents include Stan Smiths, Superstars, and clothes. 

How much is Adidas’ student discount? 

The Adidas student discounts are usually available at around 30% to 35% off the standard prices of the products.

With this discount, shopping for more things is made so much easier.
With this, you can be sure that you will only spend some of your money just shopping for a few things.

Who qualifies for the Adidas student discount?

The student discount is only available to students who have registered online.
Students must also have validated their student status through UniDays.

Can part-time students get an Adidas student discount?

Yes, all students are eligible for an Adidas student discount. 
You can obtain a discount code if you are enrolled in school.
You should also be able to verify your student status on UNiDAYS. 
All part-time, graduate and remote-learning university students are included.

Are any items excluded from the Adidas student discount?

Yes, some items cannot be obtained when using the student discount code.
Gift cards, EQT, YEEZY, NMD, Outlet, and MI Adidas items are not eligible for student discounts.

Can I use my Adidas student discount code with any other discount codes?

You can only use your student discount code with an Adidas promotion or discount code.
This is because Adidas only allows one discount code per order.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Get My Adidas Coupon Code?

UNiDAYS validates your eligibility in about a minute after you input your email address and school name. 
Once the coupon code has been verified, it will be sent to your inbox and shown on-screen. 

You can save 20% on your next purchase at 
To receive unique codes to use on, verify your status as a student.

Can I get free shipping from Adidas?

Yes! All orders at come with free shipping. 

Can I return the Adidas clothes I just purchased?

Yes, if the clothes are unworn and unwashed, you must return them within 30 days of receiving your order.
You can get a full refund on orders made after your return. 
In some areas, you can return your purchases via mail, in-store collection, or curbside pickup.

Is getting Adidas gift cards possible? 

Yes, sells gift cards starting at $25. 
You can send digital or physical gift cards to the address of your recipient’s choice.

How do I use a promo code for Adidas?

Add items to your shopping bag
Log in to your existing Adidas account or create a new one with your email address.
Copy the coupon code and paste it to the “Enter your promo code” section
Receive a discount and pay.

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At this point, you have successfully mastered how to get yourself the Adidas student discount.

Of course, staying trendy requires financial commitments, and that’s okay.

You don’t have to break the bank again on any Adidas product or accessory, even your budget.

Once you get on the student discount program, you stand to save 35% or more on your orders.


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