How to Get James Avery Student Discount

How to get the James Avery student discount: Although James Avery doesn’t have any discounts for college students yet, others are still available.

If you are into looking your best and having quality jewelry in your collection, then James Avery is the way to go.

Indeed, we all like discounts, and for students, in particular, it can come in handy.

Jewelry at James Avery often comes a bit pricey for students to afford, and a discount would be great to have.

In this post, we’ll go through the several discounts at James Avery and how you can benefit from them.

What is James Avery?

James Avery Artisan Jewelry is a privately held firm that creates, manufactures, and sells Christian-themed jewelry. 

James Avery founded the company in 1954 in Kerrville, Texas.

He started with roughly $250 in capital out of his (then) mother-in-law’s two-car garage.

At James Avery today, you can quickly get highly crafted jewelry designs in sterling silver, 14K, and 18K gold.

There are also different bronze and gemstone designs for both men and women. 

Typically, James Avery develops and handcrafts its jewelry in Kerrville, Comfort, and Hondo, Texas.

In addition, they use some of the best materials found across the world for their art. 

There are over 100 James Avery outlets throughout four states.

Today, James Avery has become a multi-channel business around the U.S.

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What is the James Avery Student Discount?

There are currently no James Avery student discounts available yet, but other categories of discounts exist.

The only discounts from James Avery are for Military personnel and first responders.

Active and retired military personnel with an I.D. or proof of service are eligible for the discounts.

The discounts for these categories are 10% off all orders they make.

James Avery Student Discount?

Does James Avery have a student discount? No, James Avery does not offer student discounts.

However, However, James Avery does offer coupons and discount codes

James Avery Promo Codes, Coupons & Black Friday Holiday Deals

James Avery is currently offering 42 total coupons for discounts on their website. Today’s best James Avery coupon is for 20% off.

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Does James Avery offer Military Discounts?

James Avery gives military personnel, their spouses, and families special discounts to show appreciation for US veterans and active military personnel.

To receive your James Avery military discount, you must provide proof of your military service online at or in-store. Once verified, you’ll be able to access James Avery’s full range of available military discounts.

Who is Eligible for the James Avery Student Discount? 

The James Avery discount has yet to be available to students currently.

However, for other discounts, they offer, only military personnel and first responders are eligible.

Once there is an official launch of a James Avery student discount, we will update you.

You’ll find the steps and processes on how to get it.

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Who can get James Avery Student Discounts?

The only James Avery discounts on offer are those to service members (active, reserve, retired, or veterans).

The discount is also available to first responders, clergy members, and all their wives and dependents.

This is James Avery’s way of expressing gratitude to the women and men who serve (or have served) the nation.

You can get your discount at James Avery if you are eligible.

Technically, even if you are a student, you can get a discount through the James Avery discount.

However, it’s only possible when someone purchases for you.

Those who qualify for this must bring a valid means of identification and present it when making a purchase in-store.

The James Avery discount is excellent; however, these discounts cannot be combined with others.

Also, active, reserve, and retired U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard personnel are eligible.

The National Guard officers are also among the service members. 

Who Else can get the James Avery Discounts?

The following list of professions also qualify to get the James Avery discount:

  • Police officers
  •  Sheriffs and deputies
  •  State troopers
  •  U.S. border patrol officers
  •  Firefighters (paid and volunteer)
  •  Emergency medical service dispatchers
  •  First Responders

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How to get the James Avery Student Discount

Since James Avery has yet to offer student discounts, let’s highlight their other discounts.

James Avery provides a 10% in-store discount to all service members (both active and retired).

First responders are also beneficiaries of this.

The personnel, their spouses/dependents, and clergy members are all eligible for this in-store discount.

To get this James Avery discount, you must bring a valid I.D. and present it.

When making a purchase in-store.

The list of acceptable I.D. cards by James Avery is below: 

  • Police/Sheriff/State Trooper badge or I.D. card
  •  Firefighter badge or I.D. card
  •  EMT/Paramedic badge or I.D. card
  •  Veterans Identification Card (VIC)
  •  Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC)
  •  Common Access Card
  •  Uniformed Services Identification Card Active Duty
  •  State Driver’s License and/or Identification with veteran’s designation
  •  DD214
  •  DD256
  •  Clergy identification is required on all transactions where the discount is applied. Any form of identification is acceptable (e.g., a business card).
  •  Doctor/nurse identification card from your healthcare organization

Does James Avery offer Free Shipping?

YES, James Avery has a perpetual free delivery policy available on their online store.

This means you can get free delivery on your order by adding the items to your shopping basket and completing the checkout process.

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James Avery Student Discount | Frequently Asked Questions

Does James Avery offer student discounts?
No, James Avery does not offer student discounts.

However, they do offer military and first responders discounts for in-store purchases.

Can I change an item in my order at James Avery?

Typically, you cannot make any changes once your order has been placed.

After that, you’ll need to place a new order with the amended products. 
In addition, all orders placed in the United States are eligible for free returns and exchanges. 

You can return or exchange items in-store or begin the process online.

Can I change the shipping address on my James Avery order?

Yes, you can change the address if the order still needs to be delivered or shipped. 
You can only make adjustments once your order has been shipped.

But if your order has yet to ship, contact Customer Service with your order number.
You’d provide the revised address usually after answering some follow-up questions.

Can I get a James Avery Student discount?

Unfortunately, there is no James Avery student discount, so you can’t get one.
However, we will inform you on our blog page once it is launched.

Can I add another item to my order after it has been placed at James Avery?

No, once you make an order, it is treated differently at James Avery.

If you add another item to your order, that will be handled as a separate order.
It will be processed and delivered separately to you as well.

How do I cancel my James Avery order?

You should call the customer care lines to cancel your James Avery order.
Please keep your order number handy and inform them that you want to cancel the order.

Does James Avery offer FREE Shipping?

Yes, all orders within the United States receive free 2-day shipping.
You can also visit the shipping page to get more information on the projected delivery timeframes for your orders.

How do I clean and care for my James Avery jewelry?

Regularly polishing your jewelry will solve most tarnishing and cleaning issues.
Doing so will also lower the risk of skin discomfort. 

A lint-free polishing cloth, such as our Bronze and Silver Polishing Cloth, is usually recommended. 
You should use a mild solution of lukewarm water and soap.

Use a soft brush if your jewelry requires more attention than gentle polishing. 
Any chemical dips that are too severe should be avoided. 

Finally, consider having your gemstones and pearls professionally cleaned.

Is there a James Avery student discount?

No, there is currently no James Avery student discount.

Students, unfortunately, have to pay the total price for the products at James Avery.

Can I return or exchange my James Avery Jewelry?

James Avery accepts all U.S. orders that comply with its Returns and Exchanges Policy.

If your return or exchange complies, you are eligible for free returns and exchanges.

How should I store James Avery jewelry?

James Avery jewels are high quality, and it would be bad to deface them or dent the surfaces due to poor storage.

You should generally separate your jewelry into segregated boxes.
It’s also good practice to keep the jewelry pieces in soft flannel pouches to avoid scratches.

Additionally, tarnishing can be reduced by storing sterling silver jewelry in airtight plastic bags or containers. 
Finally, avoid leaving your jewelry in a bathroom or near a shower to prevent oxidation.

Does James Avery offer custom engraving?

Yes, James Avery offers custom engravings.
Engraving is possible on many of the jewelry designs they have. 

You can find any script for engravable designs while shopping on the website. 
You could click the “Engrave” button and utilize the engraving preview tool to ensure how it looks.

This will show you what it’s like to use messages, fonts, and symbols. 
However, if you visit a store, you can also have an associate assist you with your engraving. 

Does James Avery offer clergy discounts?

Yes, all active clergy receive a 10% discount for in-store purchases.

By carrying an identification (such as a business card) with you and presenting it at the store’s checkout.

You get a 10% discount if you are a clergy member.

How do I clean my Avery handbag?

Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners on the outside of our bags. 
The bag’s interior is water-resistant and cleanable with a moist cloth.
If you’d also like, you can bring your handbag to any Avery Collection Handbags retailer for a complimentary cleaning.

Are James Avery handbags 100% leather?

James Avery says their handbags are 100% leather, except for the interior of the bags.
The bag’s interior usually has a protective finish applied to the leather to make it water-resistant. 

Applying the finishing protects your handbag from makeup, water, and other spills. 
If you intend to clean the interior, use a moist towel.
However, the handbags are constructed entirely of high-quality Italian leather. 

Do the James Avery handbags come with a warranty?

Yes, all James Avery handbags and small leather goods have a one-year warranty.
The warranty, however, serves only for manufacturing faults. 

However, if the bag has been damaged by regular wear and tear, James Avery won’t replace them.

Does James Avery Artisan Jewelry offer discounts or coupons?

Yes, James Avery does offer discounts to their customers.

However, first responders and clergy members are eligible for the discount for no wonky military personnel.

The James Avery discount is worth 10% off the products you order if you are eligible.
Students still need to be qualified to get a discount from James Avery.

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So far, we’ve covered much detail on the James Avery student discount and its availability.

We’ve also seen other discounts that are offered by James Avery too.

You’ll also find the FAQ section helpful if you intend to order a product.

You should be prepared to place your order and step up your style.


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