Lenovo Student Discount | How to Get 20% Off

The Lenovo student discount allows you to grab your dream laptop cheaply. You can now save up to 20% on any purchase you make.

If you’re a student, discounts will make your student life more money-sucking. For your gadgets: HP Student Discount and Dell Student Discount.

For entertainment: Netflix Student Discount, Spotify, and Hulu Student Discount. And you can even Get Paid To Watch Netflix.

Owning a laptop only makes college life easy for you.

Many assignments, research papers to write, and deadlines to meet.

With a portable laptop, you can work from anywhere on your own time.

Although getting a new laptop might be quite expensive, now there’s an easy way around it.

Through student discounts on Lenovo laptops, there’s a massive 20% slash on any laptop you want.

With a few short steps, you’d be set up to benefit from this discount and even more.

So in this piece, we’ll provide you with the relevant info about getting a Lenovo laptop.

Then we’ll show you how to get up to 25% off your purchase.

Why Should You Get a Lenovo Laptop?

There are so many reasons for you to get a Lenovo laptop.

Besides being able to get a Lenovo discount, the other reasons why you’d want a Lenovo laptop are given below:

1. Durability and Toughness

Lenovo systems undergo several stress level tests to ensure they meet reliability standards.

They are subjected to different conditions like dust, vibrations, heya cold, water, humidity, etc.

2. Creativity and build

The different brands manufactured by Lenovo have been renowned for being able to think outside the box.

The laptop’s build is simply spectacular. From its durable hinges to a convenient keyboard set.

The laptops are so designed to consume less power and have less strain on the internal components.

Lenovo has also won several awards for its forward-thinking designs.

3. Customization

Lenovo allows you to add your specifications to a product you purchase.

4. Variety

Lenovo offers a variety of options for different kinds of laptops.

Depending on your need, there’s always a laptop to satisfy.

And it comes at a low price too.

This allows you to personalize your laptop and be a sole owner.

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Who is Eligible for the Lenovo Laptops Student Discount?

Generally, the requirements to get a Lenovo student discount are as follows:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • And currently enrolled in a college or university.
  • High school students are not eligible for that Lenovo student discount.
  • Also, college students who haven’t turned 18.
  • Students taking professional training courses at a college but are not qualified are also not qualified.

What Does the Lenovo Student Discount Get You?

Firstly, you can get a 25% discount on the Lenovo ThinkPad laptops.

Also, there’s a 20% discount on its Ideapad laptops.

Although these discounts may change in value from time to time.

There’s always a Lenovo student discount at every time.

Keeping an eye on the Lenovo page keeps you updated on the available discounts.

You’ll need to create an ID.me account to get your Lenovo student discount.

After this, you’ll submit your info and apply your discount.

The discounts are applied when you shop in your shopping cart and are not displayed on the Lenovo page.

How to Sign Up for the Lenovo Student Discount

Lenovo typically uses ID.me to verify your enrollment.

Hence you’d first have to sign up and open an ID.me account.

Since ID.me is not limited to only Lenovo, you could get other discounts from other sites using ID.me.

ID.me also provides verifications for teachers, first responders, members of the armed forces, and government officials.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to signing up for the Lenovo student discount.

Steps by Step Procedure on Signing Up for the Lenovo Student Discount

#1. Open an ID.me account

To open your ID.me account, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the ID.me site here.
  • Navigate to My Account at the top right side of the page.
  • Click on “Create an ID.me Account”
  • Enter your email, create a password, and click Sign Up.

However, you can also sign in to ID.me using your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account.

#2. Verify your enrollment as a student

Now, you’ve got an account.

You can proceed to get yourself verified in the following steps:

  • On the ID.me page, Click ‘My Account in the top right corner.
  • Navigate to the wallet tab and click IDs and Logins.
  • Click + Add ID.
  • Select “Student”
  • If you have more than one ID you can add, you should. For instance, if you are military personnel and a student. Adding both IDs makes you available for any of both discounts.
  • Now, click ‘Confirm your school enrollment.’
  • Then select “Begin.”
  • Select your school, enter your information, and then click Continue.
  • Follow any additional instructions that pop up on the ID.me site.

Once the system verifies you, you can use your discounts on the Lenovo site.

Else, repeat the two last steps.

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How to Use Your Lenovo Student Discount

Following successfully verifying your ID.me account, you’re now ready to shop.

The Lenovo student discount code works just like a coupon.

You use it when you’re done shopping and ready to pay out.

Only in this case you’re entering a coupon code.

You enter your ID.me information rather.

This verifies that you are a come student, then the Lenovo student discount applies to your purchase.

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to use your Lenovo student discount:

  • Visit the Lenovo Student & Teacher Discounts page and click SHOP THINKPAD LAPTOPS or SHOP IDEAPAD LAPTOPS.
  • Browse the page for any laptop you like, then click SHOP NOW.
  • To choose a specific model, click on VIEW MODELS.
  • Click ADD TO CART to include the model you’ve selected.
  • Finally, a prompt comes up; click ADD TO CART again to end the process and view your cart.
  • Select + Military/Student/Teacher/50+ Discount.
  • Then Click Verify with ID.me.
  • Choose “Student” to get the Lenovo student discount, then click Continue to sign in.
  • If you’ve already verified, ID.me will transfer your information to Lenovo to unlock your discount. Else you’ll be prompted to verify your enrollment.
  • Check to ensure your discount reflects on your item, then complete your purchase.

What if my ID.ME Automatic Verification Fails?

Usually, ID.me verifies your student status automatically and easily.

The result of your status is then relayed to Lenovo, and your discount is applied.

However, if Lenovo cannot verify your status automatically through your ID.me account, here’s what to do.

Upload supporting documents to prove you’re a student.

Generally, try uploading the following documents and see if they work:

  • A current student ID card that shows the expiry date
  • Transcript showing current enrollment
  • Enrollment verification letter from your university or college registrar.

Try contacting ID.me customer support if it still doesn’t get verified.

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Lenovo’s student discount is a way for the company to assist college students and educators.

These discounts make it easier to purchase and own a Lenovo laptop.

Lenovo validates your student discount eligibility using the ID.me service.

Hence to qualify for a discount, you should currently enroll in a college program at an accredited university.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lenovo Student Discount.

How much is the Lenovo student discount?

The Lenovo student discount varies depending on the kind of laptop you want.

The Lenovo student discount provides a 20% discount on its Ideapad laptops. 
And 25% off on its Thinkpad laptops.

Are Lenovo laptops good for students?

Of course. Lenovo laptops are a great option for students at all levels.

The laptops are built to satisfy the demands of tasks, including your online research.

and other more common tasks like class assignments, term papers, or just streaming movies and playing games.

How do I get a student discount on Lenovo?

You’ll need to open an ID.me account and get verified to get a Lenovo student discount.

Upon verification, you can apply your discount while shopping for Lenovo products.

To get your Lenovo student discount, you’ll need to create an ID.me account, submit your info, and apply your discount. These discounts take effect in the shopping cart, after verifying that you are a student.

What is the Lenovo student discount?

The Lenovo student discount is a college students’  discount to assist them in purchasing the products.

So for students enrolled at a college, the Lenovo student discount offers a 20-25% discount.

What is a Lenovo Ideapad?

Unlike Thinkpads which are business-based laptops, IdeaPads are consumer-based laptop computers.

Typically having a stylish and highly portable build.

It is customer-centric, and many Lenovo student discounts are available while purchasing this.

Is ID.me safe?

Yes, ID.me is very safe to use. Amazon Web Services host it.

Not only does Lenovo employ its services, but other big companies do too.



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