Spotify Student Discount | Spotify Student Premium Plan

If you’re a student who frequently uses Spotify, this is the time to save more money by getting a Premium Plan discount for students.

Spotify is the streaming app that makes every student happy. However, having to spend a lot of money on a Spotify subscription can be budget-wrecking for the average student.

Discounts are a great way for students to get more out of many services and still pay less. 

As a student, many subscription services offer discounts and bonuses to students.

If you go through our site, you will find a lot of student discounts, such as How to get Hulu Student Discount, How to Get an HP Student Discount Code Fast, and How To Get Netflix student discount.

All these packages are there to help you have access to many services and pay less.

In this article, we have carefully described how you can get a Spotify student discount 9r what many call Spotify’s student premium plan.

By the end of this article, you will know how to save up to 50% on Spotify Premium.

Explore this advantage as a student, let’s show you how below!!!

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What is Spotify?


Spotify is one of the top music streaming services. Although Spotify is not just for music and entertainment, you can also use it to listen to podcasts and widen your knowledge.

Also, you can use it to listen to educational podcasts to help you out with your studies. 

Currently, Spotify has reached 180 million paid subscribers.

Does Spotify Offer Discounts to Students?

Yes, Spotify offers a student discount but the student discount doesn’t last forever.

The truck to have a lasting Spotify student discount is to subscribe to Spotify Premium Student for a maximum of four years of study at a very lesser cost.

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What is the Spotify Premium Student Plan?

Spotify Premium Student Plan is a discount exclusive for students. If you’re a music lover, this premium plan will be worth it.

Students who want to subscribe to Spotify Premium Students must subscribe for a maximum of four years. 

How Much is the Spotify Student Discount Via the Premium Plan?

Regularly, Spotify Premium costs $9.99 a month. However, with the Spotify student discount, that price drops to $4.99.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Switch to Spotify Premium Student Plan?

As the name specifies, the premium plan in Spotify is for students. 

However, to sign up for the premium plan, you need to pass the qualifying eligibility criteria to have access to the plan.

To qualify or switch to Spotify Premium Student, here are the standards you must be;

  • A student must be verified through a third-party service known as SheerID. 
  • Also, all students who want to enjoy this Spotify Student Discount must be 18 years.
  • Furthermore, all students must be attending an accredited college or university. 

What are the Terms And Conditions for Spotify Premium Users?

Using Spotify’s student premium plan is a great service. Who doesn’t want that!!!

Now that you have passed the eligibility criteria and can be part of the students who are enjoying the discount on the Spotify Student Premium Plan, you need to be aware of the terms and conditions for the users.

Here they are;

  • “Qualifying Students can receive the advertised discounted monthly subscription to the Spotify Premium Service for each month (each a “Discounted Month”) up to twelve (12) consecutive months (“Discount Period”). 
  • Also, Qualifying Students are entitled to activate up to a maximum of three (3) additional Discount Periods for themselves by re-submitting their Qualifying Information for re-verification.”

What are the Advantages of Using the Spotify Premium Plan for Students?

The  Discount on Spotify for students comes with a lot of benefits, especially with the Premium Plan.

Some of the benefits of using the Spotify student discount include;

  • Users have access to on-demand playback. 
  • Using the Spotify premium plan, you can choose what song you want to listen to and the streaming quality. 
  • Unlike Spotify Free there are no advertisements therefore there is no need to “shuffle play,”.
  • Via the student premium plan, users can download music directly to their devices. That means you can play your downloaded music offline saving cellular data.
  • Spotify Premium users can listen to the music of Very High quality. This equates to 320 kbps.
  • Lastly, United States subscribers can get Hulu (ad-supported) and Showtime included in their Spotify Premium Student plan.

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How Do I Switch From Free to Spotify Premium Student Plan?

The advantage of the premium plan on Spotify is way more than the free version.

Most free version users of Spotify want to switch to the premium for a better user experience.

We are delighted to let you know that going from Spotify Free to Spotify Premium Student is not tasking but a pretty straightforward process. 

It’s just like signing up for an app for the first time!!!

Here is how to switch from Spotify free to Spotify Student Premium Plan to enjoy the discount;

#1. Create a Spotify account

You need to create a Spotify account if you never had one. This you can do in the Spotify app or a web browser.

#2. Click on the Spotify Icon In the Top Right Corner.

  • Once you’ve created your account, log in.
  • Then click the icon in the top right corner of the screen. 
  • By doing this, you see a dropdown. Select the option to Upgrade to Premium.
  • Automatically, this will take you to the Spotify Premium upgrade page.
  • Scroll down until you see “Pick your Premium.” From these options, select Student.

#3. Pick Your Premium Spotify

Now is the time to pick your premium which as we stated above is “Student”. 

For you to be eligible for Spotify Premium Student, you must first verify yourself as a Qualifying Student through the third-party service SheerID. 

Here’s how you can verify your identity;

  • Fill out the form completely.
  • Upload a school document that proves you are currently enrolled at the college or university.
  • Alternatively, your verification is instant if you’re logged in to your campus’ Wi-Fi network.

#4. Wait For Verification From SheerID 

SheerID will have to go through your documents to verify that you are a Qualifying Student.

Once this is done, you can proceed to fill out your payment details and upgrade your account to Spotify Premium Student.

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How Do I Switch to Spotify Premium Student From Premium?

Although you’re already on the Spotify premium plan, you will not be able to enjoy the student discount because you’re not on the Spotify Premium Student plan.

Those are two different things!!!

However, if you are already subscribed to Spotify Premium, switching to the premium student plan is very simple and after that, you will be able to get the student discount.

Here is how to switch from Spotify Premium to Spotify Student Premium Plan;

  • Click your icon in the top right corner and then navigate to Account.
  • Select Available Plans “Premium for Students.”
  • The process to verify yourself as a Qualifying Student through SheerID. 
  • Go ahead to fill out the form and then upload a school document that proves you are currently enrolled at the college or university.
  • Once SheerID has gone through your documents and verified you as a Qualifying Student, you can proceed to fill out your payment details to switch your account to Spotify Premium Student. 

However, the sad news about switching from Spotify premium to Spotify Student Premium Plan you will not be able to take advantage of the three free months. 


You will be unable to access the three free months because your account was already Premium before.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Get Spotify Student Discount in 2023

How Much Can I Save Using Spotify Premium Student Discount?

If you are a college or university student, you can save 50% off Spotify Premium.

Can I Get The Spotify Student Discount In My Country?

The Spotify student discount is not available in all countries. However, Spotify Premium Student is currently available in 36 different countries including;
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States of America

Can I Continue Using Spotify Premium Student After Graduation?

No, Spotify Premium Student is only for students.  At the end of the four-year maximum, you will automatically switch back to a normal Spotify Premium subscription unless, of course, you cancel.
It doesn’t matter if you are continuing your studies or not.

When Does Re-verification of Eligibility With SheerID Take Place?

Re-verification of eligibility with SheerID takes place every 12 months.  Once you fail to re-verify your student status, you will be automatically switched back to the normal Spotify Premium rate. That means you will lose your Spotify student discount.

What is SheerID?

SheerID is a third-party digital credential verification platform. They work with Spotify to verify applicants’ eligibility for Spotify Premium Student.

SheerID does not just work with Spotify, they also work with other service providers and companies like YouTube and Deezer.


No student’s life is complete without Spotify.

At least that’s what many say. Getting up to 50% off the regular premium price can be a huge saver on the cost of Spotify’s regular subscription.

Now you know how to get this discount, go ahead and stream millions of songs everywhere and anywhere.


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