Stratton Student Discount | How to Get 20% Off

How to Get Stratton Student Discount: Ever wonder if one of you could get a discount on the ticket to an adventure at Stratton mountain?

Well, the quick answer is yes, especially if you’re young and are in college.

Stratton offers discounts to college students, among other special discount categories.

However, even if you are just out of college, you can still get a cheaper ticket than usual.

Stratton allows those below 23 to pay lower than every adult customer on their season passes. 

In any case, the student discount would be your best bet if you are fortunately still in college.

As you would find in this post, there are many ways to save on the season passes you could get at Stratton.

There are different kinds of tickets and passes and cheap ways to get them too.

Hang on, and pay the least for your next trip to Stratton mountain.

About Stratton 

Stratton Mountain Resort is a top-tier resort in Vermont, USA.

Specifically, it is located on Stratton Mountain, east of Manchester, in the United States.

Stratton Mountain is a ski resort and is a terrific mountain to visit because of its varied terrain and brilliant views.

This ski resort will appeal to bikers of all ages, with approximately 100 routes and many terrain parks. 

Stratton Mountain also offers skiing and boarding to people of all abilities.

Hiking, mountain biking, tennis, kids’ camps, and golf are all popular summer activities.

Furthermore, Stratton is one of the few that offers a rain-check option.

The rain check allows you to get a voucher if the weather is bad on any particular day. 

Although the tickets are usually expensive, you’ll always get the full value, especially if you go with friends or family.

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What is the Stratton Student Discount?

The Stratton student discount is available to enrolled college students, nurses, and military personnel.

You can get this discount when you want to check out and purchase a Stratton ticket.

Generally, college students can get discounts on Ikon Pass products at check-out, provided their identity can be verified using SheerID.

The Stratton student discount is commonly at 20% off the ticket price, but sometimes 50% offerings are given too.

However, besides students, as mentioned earlier, active military personnel and licensed nurses can also benefit.

Who is Eligible for the Stratton Student Discount?

The Stratton student discount is offered generously to college or university students, military personnel, or nurses.

If you are currently enrolled in a college, university, or trade school, you are eligible for the Straton student discount.

It is necessary, however, that you have an account with SheerID.

SheerID is a third-party identity verification service used to validate that the ID and details you upload belong to you.

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How Can I Get the Stratton Student Discount?

To get the Stratton student discount on lift tickets, you must visit the SheerID site and open an account there.

To validate your account on SheerID, you must upload proof of enrollment at an accredited college or university.

SheerID would run an internal verification and then send a response to inform you whether you’ve been verified.

If you cannot get verified at this trial, you can upload other official documents to aid your verification.

However, once you get verified by SheerID, head on to the Stratton mountain ticket page.

Login to your account or open an account if you don’t already have one.

On the site, browse through the different showcased Ikon pass product options and select the one that best fits your travel plan.

Click the cart icon on the top right corner of the screen to view your cart and checkout.

Before you make payment, select the Verify with SheerID icon and input your details in the prompt.

Following successful verification, a discount will be applied to your order then you can make payment.

How much are the Stratton Ticket Prices?

The ticket prices at Stratton mountain are given below for different ages:


Adult Ages 18 and older $104 – $169

Youth Ages 5 to 17 $69 – $129

Child Ages 4 and under $10 

Do note that the child must be present at pick-up.

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What is the Ikon Pass Stratton Student Pass?

Ikon Pass and Stratton season pass subscribers receive a preloaded amount of reduced lift tickets. 

Owning the Ikon pass lets you receive discounts on tickets for particular days that you can use on any day. 

With the Ikon Pass, you can visit 50 iconic locations. 

The Ikon passes vary in price by the perks attached to them and for the buyers.

For instance, while the Ikon base pass for people older than 23 is $869, if you are below 23 you can get it at $649.

The Stratton college student discount allows you to get it at $639.

All Stratton season passes now include bonus discounted friends and family tickets for winter 22/23.

What are ‘First Tracks’ at Stratton?

With the First Tracks, lift access begins at 7:45 a.m. on weekends and holidays for you, provided the weather is favorable.

First Tracks is included with the Stratton Summit Pass and available as an add-on with the full Ikon Pass. 

The First Tracks pass is available to those aged 5 and up.

However, the Ikon Base Pass, Stratton Select Pass, and Strattitude Pass do not include First Tracks as a season add-on.

Does Ikon Pass Have First Tracks as an Add-On?

Yes, the Ikon pass does have the First tracks add-on as one of its perks.

Typically, only the Stratton Summit Pass and the Ikon Pass offer the First Tracks perk.

For an extra charge, other Ikon Pass members can upgrade to First Tracks.

Doing so, you then get access to ski and ride the mountain early on select weekends and holidays. 

The first track perk can only be used by those aged 5 and up. 

Purchases can normally be made over the phone or at the resort. 

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Stratton Student Discount Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Stratton student discount?

Yes, Stratton does offer a college students discount to currently enrolled students.

The discount helps to improve your savings while enjoying the same premium services.

Besides college students, Stratton also provides the same discounts to actively licensed nurses, active duty, and veteran military people.

However, to get this discount, you must be verified by SheerID, the third-party verification service.

Can I transfer the Stratton student pass?

Yes, you can transfer your Stratton student pass.

The Statton pass is a physical pass that functions in the same way as a ticket pass. 

However, Stratton indicates that they are non-transferable and can be used by whomever you give them. 

In any case, it can be used by only one person at a time, but numerous people can use it on the same day.

Can I ask for a refund if I don’t like the conditions or can’t make it?

Yes, you can ask for a refund for any reason you like; however, you won get all your money back.

During non-winter seasons and for daily lessons or activities, you’ll pay a $50 cancellation fee.

However, during winter, you must pay a $100 cancellation fee.

Importantly, there are no refunds or cancellations due to weather if the resort is open for skiing/riding.

Does Stratton offer college student discounts?

Yes, Starrton offers a college student discount.

It would be best to verify that you are currently enrolled at a college, university, or accredited tertiary institution.

The Stratton college discounts are available only on particular season passes, not day tickets.

Can I buy my tickets at the window this year?

Yes, generally, tickets are available for purchase at any Ticket Window. 

Lift tickets for one day and two days are available. 

Many transactions will be required if tickets are required for multiple days. 

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Does Stratton offer half-day lift tickets?

Officially the answer is no. Stratton does not offer half-day tickets.

Only one-day or two days tickets are available.

How do I use my Stratton Mountain Resort discount code?

To begin, you must be logged into your account and select the tickets, passes, or resort lodging you’ll like to pay for.

After you’ve made all selections, go to the checkout page to finalize payments.

Select the icon to Verify with SheerID, and input details to get your account verified.

Your discount will be applied to your order at the time.

Does Stratton Mountain Resort have a military discount? offers discounts to active military, veterans, and military families. 

They also offer discounts to currently enrolled students and actively licensed nurses.

What Time Should I Arrive at the Resort?

Arrive about an hour before your lesson. 

When you arrive early at the resort, you give yourself enough time to park and catch the shuttle to the Main Base Area. 

If you need rental equipment, you must pick it up before your session at Village Rentals.

Alternatively, you can also get them at the Experience Snowboard Center. 

You also get enough time to try on boots and make necessary equipment modifications.

Don’t forget about breakfast! Make sure you’re well-fueled before hitting the slopes.

When And Where Should I Pick Up the Rented Equipment at Stratton Mountain?

Before you come to your lesson, you must pick up all the rental equipment. 

Ski equipment can be picked up from Village Rentals, located near the village clock tower.

Snowboard equipment may be picked up near the bottom of the gondola at the Experience Snowboard Center.

Where do Adult Group Lesson Meet?

Teen and adult group sessions are held in the Main Base Area in front of the Mountain Sports School Building. 

You should typically arrive five minutes before the start of the class.

You should also be clothed and ready to ski/snowboard, and with all of your equipment.

Do I Need a Stratton Lift Ticket?

Yes, even if you are a beginner, all lessons require a lift ticket or season pass. 

When you reserve your lesson, you can pre-purchase a lift ticket, which you can pick up at Guest Services when you arrive. 

A lift ticket can also be purchased on the day of the event at the same spot.

Can I Request an Instructor for my Group Lesson?

For a group lesson, you cannot request an instructor. 

You can inquire during check-in if you have previously had a successful lesson with an instructor.

A private class is typically recommended if you have specific needs that are non-negotiable.

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If you are a fun lover or love to take on an adventure to get the chills and your heart pumping.

Then you will love Stratton Mountain. However, it doesn’t always come cheap to take a worthwhile adventure right.

In this post, you must have found answers to many questions regarding how to go about your trip plans to Stratton.

Also the tips on the student discounts you can enjoy and make the trip much cheaper than would otherwise be.


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