Best Student Discounts in Canada | How to Get One

Not everyone knows that being a student in Canada means having access to great discounts. Because of huge mental and physical pressure, individuals have to cut their costs in food, leisure, and other purchases. You must save money on everything to make both ends meet. That’s why you should take advantage of these best student discounts in Canada while you can!

Best Student Discounts in Canada 2023

Here is the TOP of companies proposing a pleasant discount for their goods and services to students. Remember that you may have to unblock websites if they aren’t available in your country. Just use the popular VPN app, for instance, the VeePN access content wherever you are, and don’t put your safety at risk. It is fast, stable, and easy to use. 

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1. SPC

This is a specific card that allows you to shop online and in stores with extra discounts of 10-30%. SPC is also known as Student Price Card and applies to many popular retailer companies. Among them are Nice, H&M, Adidas, Dell, Apple, and so on. In general, you may save money on goods in different categories, including travel, leisure, fashion, technology, etc. 

If you want to participate in the SPC program, you should purchase a card for $11.99 annually. For CIBC owners, this card is free. 


This loyalty program is very similar to the Student Price Card. The main difference is that ISIC stands for International Student Identity Card and allows you to shop for international deals in such categories as food, traveling, leisure, etc. It includes more than 150 thousand great discounts you may be interested in. 

If you want to participate in ISIC then you should sign up and confirm your status as a student. The membership costs $20 per year. In addition, you need to pay an extra $5 to issue the physical card. This program also divides members into 3 categories: full-time students, teachers, and customers of 30+. All these individuals have different cards and receive different offers. 


This is another discount program that doesn’t require you to purchase a subscription. It is free and suitable for customers 16 years old and older. By using UNiDAYS you can access tasty deals and save up to 30% or get a free trial without payments. 

If you want to receive available student discounts, you should register with your student email or ID. This program includes deals in different categories. Most popular are fitness, clothes, gadgets, etc. 

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4. Student Beans

This is a free loyalty program for online and in-store purchases of different brands. The discount amount varies depending on the company and usually includes 5-50% off. 

This program is very popular for its impressive deals and free access. To get your account in Student beans, you must sign up and confirm your status as a student with your ID. Then follow the program website to reveal the up-to-date offers. For instance, you may discover the main page for trending deals or use search to find actual offers from brands you are interested in. Also, you may install the Student Beans app to track the hottest deals for students. 

5. Transport deals

Whether you are planning to travel or to get to school, you might be interested in saving some money. Here are the top offers to use for different vehicles:

– Via Rail has a Youth Pass for 12-25 years old students to get 6 credits for trains;

– GO Transit gives 40% off the Presto fare;

– Toronto Transit Commission gas monthly pass of %128.15 for students and teens of 13019 years old instead of the standard fee of $156. 

– AIR Canada has a Flight Pass for all students with four or six credits;

– offers a wide range of discounts up to 50% off.

6. Discounts for gadgets

Modern studying is impossible without having electronics and using technologies. All students require at least a laptop and several additional tools. Here is the list of the direct programs from famous tech brands:

– Apple guarantees all college freshmen a 10% discount for purchasing iPads or Macbooks; How To Get An Apple Student Discount.

– Microsoft proposes a 10% discount on selected items for students, teachers, and parents, plus the free software Office 365;

– Dell offers students a Disney+ free subscription for 6 months if they buy a monitor or personal computer; Dell Student Discount | All You Need To Know To Get A Dell Discount

– Lenovo has a 10% discount for all products on their website; How to Get a Lenovo Student Discount.

– HP promotes exclusive deals for students at the lowest possible prices and gives free shipping; How to Get an HP Student Discount Code.

– Samsung gives a 10% discount on selected monitors and mobile gadgets.

7. Retail student discounts

Besides the mentioned above cards, you may also shop at your favorite stores with additional discounts as a student. Here is the list of brands, discounts, and conditions they offer:

– Old Navy cooperates with SPC and gives students free shipping on all $50+ orders;

– Nike participates in UNiDAYS and gives students an additional 10% off;

– Reebok offers 40-50% off for customers with UNiDAYS or Student Beans status;

– New Balance guarantees 10% off for owners of SPC and an extra 5% off on sales;

– H&M works with SPC and gives students 10% off; How to Get H&M Student Discount

– Levi’s requires you to answer several questions about your educational establishment and gives 15% off on your whole purchase;

– Bath and Body Works participates in SPC and gives 10% off plus special bonuses when you send more than $50.

Nota bene!

As a student, you must have a valid ID to confirm your current status. Sometimes you may also be asked to provide your educational establishment’s email or other information, but in most cases, a student ID is enough to get a discount. So remember that you may be asked for extra requirements and be patient about it. 

Anyway, don’t miss an opportunity to save money thanks to being a student right now! Follow the mentioned companies’ guides and get discounted or even free services. You can get the newest iPad or a free trial VPN for browsers to save extra money. It’s your opportunity to study, shop, and enjoy this period of your youth!

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