Does Ulta Offer a Student Discount?

In this article, we’ll answer your questions and give you alternatives to using an Ulta student discount.

Although Ulta has no available student discounts, there are several other ways to ensure you save while you spend at Ulta.

We are sure, much like everyone else, every student would like a discount.

However, there isn’t any specific student discount at Ulta.

But this doesn’t stop us from getting price slashes, so we’ve found and compiled several other means you can take advantage of.

Shopping for beauty products can be expensive, yet you must always look good.

There are many advantages to getting a discount, especially for a student.

So we’ve sorted after many discount opportunities at Ulta and found other ways to go around.

As you read through, you’ll find that student discounts are not the only way to save money while shopping.

What are Student Discounts?

Student discounts are discounts that are only available to students. 

Some discounts are available to high school students, but most are reserved for university students.

When shopping in person, you must show your student ID to get a discount.

Also, education or student discounts are used to cover discounts for both students and members of educational institutions.

The provider’s goal is to raise brand awareness or product familiarity early in a buyer’s life.

After graduation, the holder is likelier to buy the same thing at its normal price.

Moreso, providers offer student discounts to fit a product into a student’s budget that would otherwise be too expensive.

Students may be eligible for discounts on various products, services, entertainment, and other items.

Does Ulta offer a student discount?

Even though Ulta does not provide any specific student discount, many discounts are still available.

Generally, there are no Ulta student discounts, No military, price matching, or front-line workers.

In this article, you’ll find many ways to save up while shopping at

Ulta understands that its customers, like every student, would love a discount on goods.

They’ve made openings for several discounts for everyone to participate in.

You can get 50% off on purchasing many items you shop for.

Other discounts come in at 40%, 20%, and 10%. There are also gift cards and promotions.

What is Ulta Student Discount

ULTA is a well-known beauty brand that is a mid-performing brand within its category.

Although Ulta is yet to launch a special student discount, several discounts are still available.

You can directly buy beauty products at Ulta through their site ( or beauty stores around the United States.

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How to Save Money on Ulta Without the Ulta Student Discount

We’ve compiled other methods to save on your beauty products without the Ulta student discount. 

So while Ulta student discounts are not on offer, you’d be smart to try either of these alternate methods:

  • The Ultamate Reward Program
  • Visiting Coupon pages like students beans for Ulta student discount codes vouchers
  • Ulta social media handles for promotions and discounts
  • Check Amazon or eBay for Ulta items

#1. The Ultamate Reward Program

Ulta Beauty’s Ultamate Rewards loyalty program is a method for the company to express gratitude to its customers for continuing to choose Ulta Beauty as their destination. Members of Ultamate Rewards get points for every Ulta Beauty purchase. These points can be exchanged for money to spend in stores or on on any 20,000 goods available.

Ultamate Reward is a free program that rewards you for your passion for beauty. That’s all there is to it! Every time you purchase at Ulta Beauty, you’ll earn points that you can use to get discounts on any product or service.

Ulta Beauty, Inc. is the largest beauty retailer in the United States, carrying many cosmetics, skincare, and beauty tools and equipment.

#2. Visiting Coupon pages for Ulta student discount codes

Student beans is a popularly known platform for student discounts.

UniDays is another renowned site at this too.

Trying from time to time, you could find some deals that can go up to 50% off.

If you don’t already know how to hunt for discounts, Student Beans is a good place to start for some Ulta student discounts.

Other sites also frequently update vouchers and coupon codes for some Ulta beauty discounts.

#3. Ulta social media handles for promotions and discounts

Ulta frequently posts special offers to its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites.

You can get some Ulta student discount codes and obtain early info on Ulta student discounts.

Doing this, you can’t go wrong cos as soon as updates are posted, they are reliable and valid.

#4. Check Amazon or eBay for Ulta items

If you can’t get Ulta student discounts elsewhere, checking on Amazon or eBay could land you lower prices for Ulta items.

This is typically due to the competitive prices between the retail giants.

Moreover, Amazon sells Ulta items at a discount, and Prime members get free shipping. 

In addition, eBay is a great place to look for secondhand Ulta products. 

If you can’t find a discount elsewhere, it might be worth trying eBay for used Ulta items, because eBay has Ulta bargains too.

Ulta Military Discount

You might be wondering if there is Ulta military discount. Well, the answer is No, ULTA does not offer military discounts.

Ulta Discount Code

Below are the various discount codes available at Ulta.

How to Get Ulta Student Discount

There are many attractive Ulta student discounts for students of all grades.

Generally, these discounts will also apply to those who aren’t students since they are typically designed for all Ulta customers.

If you’re a student shopping at Ulta, it could probably be called an Ulta student discount.

To get an Ulta student discount, you could do the following:

But, first, go to on your phone or computer and sign in or create an account.

Second, look for Ulta Beauty student discounts, and click on products specifically discounted products.

Third, add the item to your bag. Finally, select a payment method on the checkout, and your discounts apply.

Frequently looking out for Ulta beauty discounts, you’ll save a lot of money on beauty products.

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How to Use an Ulta Beauty Student Discount Coupon

Using the Ulta Beauty student discount coupon is easy. But, first, you’ll need to get a voucher.

You can obtain one from student beans and other websites advertising Ulta student discount coupons.

Then check your code. Ensure you copy and paste the code into your cart’s “Apply Coupon Code” area.

This is if you’re manually entering the code. Hence, remember that it could contain both letters and numbers, such as a capital letter O instead of ZERO.

Before checking out, enter the promo code after adding all the qualifying goods to your shopping cart.

The discount will appear under the subtotal as long as the coupon code is active. allows you to use only one coupon code per order, and each can only be used once.

Ulta Ultamate Rewards

The Ulta Ultamate rewards are split into two categories.

The Ultamate Rewards Program and the Ultamate credit card.

If used often as intended, you can get yourself some cool Ulta beauty student discounts as time passes on.

However, both schemes are designed to reward you with points for shopping. 

And there are three membership levels: the free Member, the Diamond at $500, and the Platinum for $1,200.

Now, let’s talk about each of them:

Ultamate Rewards Card

The Ultamate Rewards card is not a credit card. 

Ulta’s loyalty program rewards you with special deals and points when you shop at Ulta Beauty stores and online. 

According to Ulta, the program is free to everyone over 13 who lives in the United States.

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Ultamate Credit Card

Ulta offers specialized kinds of Ulta student discounts through points and coupons for holders of its credit cards.

The Ultamate Rewards Credit Card can only be used in Ulta Beauty stores and online at 

To obtain this card, you must be at least 18 years old. 

Once accepted, every dollar you spend at Ulta Beauty stores or earns you an extra point.

The Ultamate Rewards Mastercard is a credit card that may be used at Ulta Beauty and everywhere else that accepts Mastercard. 

You must also be 18 years old to obtain one of these. 

Once authorized, you’ll also get points for every dollar you spend at Ulta Beauty (in-store or online).

So even without having an Ulta student discount, if you often shop for beauty products, this could help you get some points in the long run.

How to Apply for the Ultamate Rewards

Visit Ulta, select ‘join now and create an account if you don’t already have one.

Apply for the card and specify which of the types you’d like to receive.

Supply all necessary information requested and wait for the approval.

Does Ulta Offer Student Discounts |Frequently Asked Questions

What loyalty program does Ulta use?

Ulta Beauty has a loyalty program it launched as the Ultamate Rewards Program.

When can I use my Ulta points?

You must wait 24 hours before redeeming your points in Ulta’s reward program to use your Ulta points. 

Moreover, the Ulta reward program has received positive reviews as it allows you to earn a discount that you can use on anything in the store.

Are Ulta’s points worth it?

On average, Ulta points are worth 4.16 cents each. This means 10,000 Ulta points, for example, are worth around $416. 

Generally, Ulta points are much more valuable than other clothing stores’ reward points.

This is because the competitions are usually worth 3.18 cents for a point.

Is the Ulta rewards program free?

Yes, the ultra rewards program is free. It primarily relies on organic referrals by frequent customers to gain more customers.

Ultamate Reward is a free program that rewards you for your passion for beauty. 

So every time you purchase at Ulta Beauty, you’ll earn points that you can use to get discounts on any product or service.

When Does Ulta Beauty Student Discount End?

Ulta Beauty’s student discounts have no term restrictions. You can still take advantage of discounts on the page and other coupon and discount sites even after graduation. Student beans and UniDays are a great start.

How Much is Ulta Beauty Student Discount?

The Ulta student discounts come in a variety of offers. Generally, there are many offerings of up to 50% off for students of all levels.

Other discounts at 40%, 30%, 20%, and even 10%.

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An Ulta student discount may be all you need to cut down on expensive beauty products.

Getting an Ulta student discount will go a long way in raising your savings.

However, Ulta is yet to launch a student-specific discount as of publishing this article.

Taking advantage of the many other available programs, discounts, and events is necessary.

Of course, students all need discounts and price waivers, so glance through the article again.

Try out any of the other alternatives to an Ulta student discount.

Check Other Student Discount Offers


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