How to Become an Opay Agent in Nigeria 2022

Do you want to know how to become an OPay agent in Nigeria? If yes, then this is the article that will show you everything you need to know about becoming an Opay agent in Nigeria.

We shall be discussing how to become an Opay agent in Nigeria, OPay Agent Requirements, OPay agent commission, OPay Nigeria, Opay Salary and benefits of becoming an Opay agent Do enjoy the ride.

Are you a Mobile operator agent or aspiring to become one? Then, here’s a new opportunity for you to grasp!

Before, several Mobile money operators have existed and you know you must have heard about them. They include Paga, Pocketmonie, Quickteller, Firstmonie.

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Here’s the most recent in the market, OPay.

It is an international Mobile Money Operator owned by Operamini (actually from Operapay). Nigeria is the third African country it is being established in following after South Africa and Kenya.

OPay, an Africa-focused mobile payments startup was founded by Norwegian browser company Opera, and is a mobile wallet developed by Opera and designed for devices such as Android and IOS.

Through OPay life is made easy beyond the imagination of anyone.

With the invention of the Opay app, anybody can book domestic flights from a phone. That’s life made easy!

More so, Opay aims at making life easier for customers through their services while making the payment easier and safe. 

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What To Do With Opay Mobile App?

How to Become an Opay Agent in nigeria

It is a simple payment system which gives users the enablement to pay their telephone, electricity, internet, and other utility bills safely and with ease.

It is quite simple and easy to use.

All that’s needed of you is to download the Opay app, register, add balance, and make payment for the bills online.

Opay offers a wide scope of services to their customer which includes:

  • recharging and paying all NTC, Ncell, and Smart Cell related bills;
  • paying SIM TV, Dish Home, and Mero TV bills;
  • paying your Nepal Electric Authority and Life Insurance bills for Nepal Life Insurance.

How to Become an Opay Agent In NIgeria

In becoming an Opay agent, you are given the necessary exposure to the OPay mobile online transaction platform. Becoming an Opay agent enlists you into having individuals that have another source of revenue and another stream of income. You are just a registration away to this. So, register today and start enjoying the benefits forever.

The step by step guide on how to become an Opay Agent includes:

  • Download and install OPay App on you’re android phone through this link.>>>Opay App On Google Play Store
  • If you are using an iPhones, also go to your Apple store, download and install Opay for iPhones.
  • Use your active phone number to complete the installation.
  • Initiate a chat with the Support team, requesting for your registration form.
  • Fill the form correctly and make the following available; passport photo, utility bill, means of ID and CAC documents (optional).
  • Lastly, on how to become an Opay Agent in Nigeria after completing the process, you can start your transaction. You can reach their customer service through or via their WhatsApp (+2349066722924).
  • Also, on how to become an Opay Agent in Nigeria Opay agents can chat with their online support team in Opay by clicking on the chat feature at the bottom- left corner on the homepage of the app. Afterwards, enter the phone number you used to register and click confirm to chat up with the agent.

OPay Agent Requirements

To become an OPay agent, you are required to meet the OPay Agent Requirements which include ;

  • You must know how to read, write and communicate.
  • Provide the following documents; passport photo, utility bill, means of ID and Corporate Affair Commission documents (optional).
  • A shop (smaller or medium size) will be required for customer base contact.
  • You must be in possession of an android mobile phone that is functional and internet friendly
  • As an added advantage, get customer relation skills.
  • Biometric verification number (BVN) being one of the Opay Agent Requirements hence will also be required of you during registration.

Opay Agent Commission Structure

As an Opay agent, after the registration process, what’s next is to look at the Opay agent commission structure.

In the business world, the commission is a fee charged by an agent or broker for carrying out a transaction.

In the same vein, the OPay agent commission is the percentage of money paid an Opay agent receives from the transactions he/she carries out on the Opay mobile app.

OPay agent commission can be made through several ways on this platform. You make OPay agent commission through the provision of the following services to customers:

  • Withdrawals & deposits
  • Bill payments
  • Airtime & or data purchases etc
  • Referring people to use Opay.

Opay Nigeria

Being an Africa-focused mobile payments startup founded by Norwegian browser company, OPay has been in operation since 2010 in the pouch of PayCom Nigeria Limited—a mobile money platform incubated by Telnet (Nigeria) Ltd.

After operating for seven years, Opera showed interest in the acquisition of PayCom in 2017.

Thereafter, they put pen to paper in 2018 and OPay Nigeria came to stay in August of the same year.

Before Opay Nigeria was birthed, it was already in existence in South Africa and Kenya, making Nigeria the third African country where Opay is operational in and it hopes to take more grounds.

Opay Salary Structure

Opay agents earn an average salary of 61,243 Naira monthly. The collation of this data is carried out by 26 employees from Opay. OPay salary are received by agents for playing several roles which include:

  • Business Developer,
  • Customer Care Advisor,
  • Customer Service Officer,
  • Customer Support Executive,
  • Digital Marketer, Engineer etc.

The gender distribution at Opay on the basis of Opay salary submitted is male (50%), female (50%), unspecified (0%).

What are the benefits of becoming an Opay agent?

Aside from making good money from becoming an Opay agent, here are some of the other benefits if becoming an Opay agent:

  • 0.70% transaction fee on POS
  • Zero electricity charge
  • No charges on cable T.V
  • Zero charge on wallet top up
  • Just 10naira charge on bank transfer to NY Nigerian bank

So, if you are considering starting a POS business, partnering with Opay will be a good option.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is OPay ORide all about?

With OPay, one can order a cheap bike ride using ORide hence ORide allows you to hire a bike at a cheap rate.

Can I pay OPay with cash?

The interest rates of Opay in a year range from 36.5% to 360%. Talking about money and lifestyle, security is as relevant as accessibility. 

Here, payment is made by scanning (OPay QR). Yes, that alone! You can make payment and receive money by just scanning the OPay QR code, without cash.

Does OPay require BVN?

Yes, OPay requires BVN. 

After downloading the app, while registering, you will be required to input your bank verification number.

How do I order OPay food?

An individual can only order for OPay’s NGN 10.00 meals through the OPay app.

To purchase the food, one would have to download the OPay app, make a registration with their details, and then place an order for food.

According to persons who have tried it out, the meals arrive in about half an hour and the food is good enough and can make your day.

Is OPay safe?

This is one of the questions that everyone would like to have an answer to and that and is a very important one.

Opay isn’t just safe but very much safe and affordable. The fun thing about Obus is that one does not have to break the bank in order to use this service.

It is likewise very safe to use as all your transactions on the app and card are very secure. Obus is a great Opay service and you would enjoy it!

Can I have more than one OPay account?

Yes, you can have more than one OPay account, as long as you register with different numbers.

The good news is, you can use the same documents for both accounts.

What is OPay food?

OPay is a one-stop mobile-based platform and helps in having the following done: payment, food & grocery delivery, transportation, and other relevant services in your day-to-day living.

Millions of users depend on OPay everyday to send and be sent money, pay bills, and order food and groceries.

How much do I need to become an opay agent?

You need zero amount of money to become an opay agent.

Registration for becoming an opay agent is free, and also opay gives you POS for free since you are an agent.

Conclusion: How to become an OPay agent in Nigeria

OPay is a real investment, so if you have some money, rather than saving it, you can invest it into becoming an OPay agent.

That way after some months, you will have more than your capital.

That said, if you have more questions regarding how to become an OPay agent, kindly leave it in the comment section.


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